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9500 diamond center dr, mentor, oh



Located in Mentor Ohio, Noosa Bistro is the prime upscale-casual restaurant of Northeast Ohio.


Noosa Bistro originally opened as Red Back Jack's in 1994 in Cleveland's Warehouse District. Red Back Jack's moved to Mentor, Ohio in 1997, and rebranded to Noosa Bistro in 2002. Noosa is a resort town in Queensland, Australia, and reflects the owner Rob Stanovsek's Australian heritage, while providing a taste of coastal paradise to Northeast Ohio. Noosa Bistro quickly became an instant staple for upscale-casual dining for locals and visitors alike, and built a dedicated following.

Owners Rob and Susan Stanovsek served loyally to the Northeast Ohio public at this location for twenty years, before excitedly choosing to relocate to the Diamond Center in Mentor. This move marked a shift in greater accessibility and affordability, while still maintaining Noosa Bistro's inherent and expected culinary quality and exceptional service.

The new location incorporates a broader menu, providing an ideal location for guests to catch a quick bite before going to see a movie at the Diamond Center Theatre, watch local sporting events at our modern and inviting bar- featuring craft beers, artisan cocktails, and fine wines- or enjoy a intimate date night in our contemporary dining areas.







9500 Diamond Center Drive
Mentor, OH 44060



M-Th 11a–10p
F-Sa 11a–11p
Su 10a–9p


All Day 11a–12a



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